River Runs Red

Verse 1

My soul thirsts for You
My flesh longs for You
In a dry and thirsty land.
Searching for that place
I can finally find Your grace
Lord help me, draw me near.
I was drinking from the well - that leads me to straight to hell
Then I heard Him say
Come to Me and thirst no more.

Take me - where the river runs red
Lead me to the Truth of all the things that You said.
The blood of the Lamb brings me back from the dead.
Take me where the river runs red

Verse 2
I reach out for You
My soul longs for You
Cryin out like a thirsty land
Lookin towards the cross
The place for all the lost
Lord help me, cleanse my soul
The blood is the life - the end of all my strife
You are the Holy Lamb
Jesus, Redeem me by Your blood


Your Spirit is like a raging river full of love and grace.
I thirst no more I found Your peace I long to see Your face