See Me Through His Eyes

I love you 'cause Jesus told me to.
So please love me if Jesus set you free.
I'm growin' up and I'm learnin' every day
That He who began a work in me
began a good work in you too.

Satan the deceiver is tickelin' our brain
spreadin' discontentment and drivin' us insane.
But when we finally wake up and see his scheming lies
we bind him and rebuke him; Satan flys.

See me through His eyes
Love me with His heart
Cover me with his blood
Lift me up through the power of His nail scarred hand.
Now peace and contentment is spreadin' North and South
When the fruit of the Spirit is comin' out' my mouth
When I've got love (I've got love)
and I've got joy (I've got joy)
I've got peace (I've got peace)
Satan is destroyed (Satan is destroyed)
When I've got patience and kindness too
I've gotta believe what Jesus has done for me
He can do it for you.

(Repeat Chorus)

He gives me love; he gives me peace
He gives me joy and patience
He is the one who delivers me
He is my Jesus!