The Shepherd's View

INTRO - 4 bars instrumental
Oooh – Oooh – Oooh – Oooh

INTERLUDE – 8 bars

There Comes a Time When You Step Out on Your Own
You Head Towards the Light - Your Path Seems Right - So You - Travel on
But All Too Soon Things They Take a Turn and You Wonder If You Lost Your Way
Just Reach Out Your Hand - Take a Hold of - The One Who’s Always There For You
He’ll Guide You Back Down a Narrow Path – Set Your Eyes on the Straight and True
And You Will See – From the Shepherd’s View

You Will See Clearly – From the Shepherd’s View
I Found Peace Living –

When I Was Young – I Shared – Only My Own Point of View
I Didn’t Listen to Those – Who Were There for Me – or the Wisdom That They Knew
And All Too Soon – Things They Took a Turn and Then I Really Didn’t Know What to Do
The Wolves They Began to Circle – and the Answer Seemed So Far Removed
The Darkness Grew More Darkly – When I Depended on Just My Point of View
Then Came Mercy – From the Shepherd’s View

I Can See Clearly – From The Shepherd’s View-
I Found Peace Living – From The Shepherd’s View
No More Fear Looking – From The Shepherd’s View
I Listened To The Calling – From The Shepherd’s View