Till the end of my days

Till the end of my days
1. Spiritual Eyes Sample/Lyrics
2. Walk with Me Sample/Lyrics
3. Selfless Sample/Lyrics
4. Absolute Surrender Sample/Lyrics
5. Ascend Sample/Lyrics
6. River Runs Red Sample/Lyrics
7. Step Into the Promises Sample/Lyrics
8. Listen With Your Heart Sample/Lyrics
9. Every Single Blessing Sample/Lyrics
10. Till the End of My Days Sample/Lyrics
11. Eternal Joy Sample/Lyrics

History of You

History of You
1. Fight the Good Fight Sample/Lyrics
2. No Reputation Sample/Lyrics
3. Hope is Here Sample/Lyrics
4. Ready to Rapture Sample/Lyrics
5. Love is Patient Sample/Lyrics
6. See Me Through His Eyes Sample/Lyrics
7. I Don't Wanna Know Sample/Lyrics
8. Everything In Me Says Thank You Sample/Lyrics
9. Satan's Bait Sample/Lyrics
10. History of You Sample/Lyrics
11. Some Kind of Wonderful Sample/Lyrics
12. Abide in Thee Sample/Lyrics

Die Early, Live Longer

Die Early, Live Longer

THIS IS IT. 70's Retro Rock (Doobies meets 38 Special) with a Contemporary Christian message. It'll ROCK YOUR WORLD.

1. Can't You See Me Sample/Lyrics
2. Come Back to Jesus Sample/Lyrics
3. Everything Is New Sample/Lyrics
4. Heart Wholly His Sample/Lyrics
5. In God's Light Sample/Lyrics
6. Light in Me Sample/Lyrics
7. My Child Sample/Lyrics
8. Praise Him Sample/Lyrics
9. Revival Sample/Lyrics
10. The Shepherd's View Sample/Lyrics
11. Strong In the Lord Sample/Lyrics
12. Trust Sample/Lyrics