About Us

Psalm 33.3 encourages us to "Sing unto Him a new song; play skilfully with a loud noise." Through the vehicle of 70's classic rock and modern worship music, Shepherd's View Band seeks to praise God extravagantly and worship Him intimately, resonating His glory throughout the world. God, please overwhelm us with Your glory "that [we] might sing praises to You and not be silent. O LORD [our] God, [we] will give You thanks forever (Psalm 30.12 NLT)! Our ministry is about hope, redemption, and restoration. As God has turned our mourning into dancing and covered us with grace, we can only respond by living and loving as He has loved us! Run with us to the presence of God as we worship Him loudly in Spirit and in Truth!

Dave Dunkel Acoustic and Electric Rythm, and Lead Guitar

Dave Dunkel is a devoted follower of Jesus and works for a Tampa based Firm. Dave has four children: Kristen and husband Jamie, David and Mat. He is involved with local ministries including Impact Tampa Bay, Feeding Children Everywhere and Hope Children's Home.

Dave’s music career began when he was a teenager in Rhode Island. It was then when he picked up a guitar and began playing to ‘70s music such as Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and the Allman Brothers. You’ll hear these artists’ influence in the music of Shepherd’s View.

Dave stopped playing when he left for college and began his business career in Boston. However, in the mid ‘90s, the music returned and Dave resumed playing with a passion. He hired John Cameron, former member of Shepherd's View as an instructor and Dave ramped back up to the familiar sounds of the ‘70s artists who inspired him during his teenage years.

After six months of practice, Dave launched the predecessor to Shepherd’s View along with former member Michael Anderson and other musicians. The late ‘90s were focused on playing ‘70s cover music when in the early 2000’s, Shepherd's View and Dave heard the Lord’s call to write and worship Him with His gift of music.

Shepherd’s View is a culmination of a dream: to use the gift of music to glorify the Lord and lead others to Him.

Dave is a throwback with a guitar collection that includes Gibson Les Paul's, Fender Stratocasters, and Taylor acoustics. For amplification, Marshall is the choice with JCM900 and JCM2000 and a Vox AC15HW

James Cory Lead Guitar and Vocals

James Cory lives and breathes music and is dedicated to bringing the good news of the gospel through the gifts given to him by our Creator. Blessed with his wife, Jennifer, and their three beautiful children, Matthew, Michael and Madeleine, he continually works toward excellence in the art of recording. James is a worship-leader at First Baptist Church Pinellas Park in Tampa Bay.

With musical influences such as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Jeff Beck, Prince, Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, Queen and Def Leppard, James enjoys a driving rock sound with great harmonies. He has found a home with the Shepherd’s View band.


Richard W. Radloff Drums and Vocals

Richard began playing drums at a very early age, but he also quit playing at an early age. He stopped performing in 1977 and moved his career into live audio mixing and production sound design. So he had no idea what he was in for when he decided to buy a vintage Ludwig Drum kit reminiscent of the one he played 33 years ago.

One day, out of the blue, his friend Michael called him and told him the Lord needed him to play drums in Shepherd’s View. Reminding Michael that his ‘chops’ had long since gone south, Michael reminded Richard that God has a purpose here and He would supply the means if one would just trust Him and answer His call. (see John 12:26) So Richard thought this over and after consulting his wife Susan, recalled John 15:15-16,. After some soul-searching, he decided that it was finally time to get serious about serving God. Richard attributes his drumming influences to John Bonham, Jim Gordon, Carmine Appice, and finds himself at home playing in the musical stylings of the Allman Brothers, Zeppelin, Clapton and Hendrix.

Richard resides in Indian Rocks Beach with his Wife, Susan where they are members of First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks. They never cease to be amazed by God’s enduring mercy and love.

Chris Howard Keyboard and Vocals

Chris is currently the lead pastor at "Refuge" which is a fellowship for artists and addicts in the Tampa Bay area. He teaches seminars on worship and helps churches who are moving from traditional to modern worship navigate the pitfalls associated with the change. As a former USAF staff music arranger, Chris creates arrangements for ensembles ranging from full orchestral and marching band, to jazz and various genre's of pop/rock. Chris plays keys and sings with SVB.

Brandt Heisner Vocals

Brandt began singing with school and church choirs at an early age and has been singing ever since. After playing trumpet for over 20 years in jazz bands, community bands and dance bands, he now co-leads worship and plays bass guitar with Refuge Ministries in Tampa Bay.

Brandt has been married to his wife Lisa for 20 years and they have one son, Ian.

Brandt's musical influences include the Beatles, Kansas and Phil Keaggy.